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HUFFPOST (November 2013)

7 Things Fit People Do...
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Canoe.CA; Lifestyle (October 2013)

Eating tips for marathon runners…
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ON TRACK: Summer Savvy

Whether you're an exercise beginner, fitness devotee or training addict...
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Track Fitness, a Village staple, blogTO (August 2013)

Track Fitness is something of a Forest Hill Village staple. The yoga studio was pretty steamy...
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Getting Fit In The CIty with Eva Redpath

Featuring Circuit Training, Track Fitness
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Finding Your Bliss; Rogers TV (February 2012)

Help find your fitness bliss...
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The Toronto Star; (December 2011)

Gym Rat Paola Loriggio’s 5 favourite fitness classes of 2011...
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Daily Squeeze (February 2011)

Roll With The Punches
Push your limits with Circuit 60 Box...
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The Toronto Star (February 2011)

Gym Rat: Circuit class places treadmill on road to redemption...
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Metro News (January 2011)

Get fit without hitting the gym. There’s not an excuse in the world that’s acceptable for putting your health on the back burner...
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Globe and Mail (January 2011)

Nasty, brutish and short – but a workout that works...
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The Toronto Star (January 2011)

Make New Year’s fitness goals specific but realistic: experts...
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Chatelaine (January 2011)

Can I workout with an injury? Expert advice on getting back to the gym...
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Globe and Mail (July 2010)

Work those abs to get back in prebaby shape
To see more defined muscles, ditch the spin class and follow a training plan designed to build strength...
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Vitamin Daily (June 2010)

Get On Track
Kick-start your summer fitness regime with the Circuit 60 class at Track Fitness...
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At-Home Arms
On Wednesday we shared our Flat Abs Fast routine from Larry Track, and now we're getting the arms to go with it...
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Flat Abs Fast
The weather is warming up and we’re definitely out of hibernation mode.
Now we just need our bodies to catch up. Enter Larry Track and this ab routine to tighten, tone and generally get us back on, well, track...
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Globe and Mail (April 2010)

Globe Life: Power Crunch
Writer Rebecca Eckler lives a hectic life that is susceptible to sudden changes – and her nutrition plan is dictated by life with her six-year-old daughter. . After 10 years with a trainer, the thirtysomething co-author of the new children’s book The Mischievous Mom at the Art Gallery laments that her fitness results are still fiction
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Women's Post (January 2010)

Health Topic of the Day: Editor's Fitness Plan
I used to be athletic in high school. I rowed and played on almost every girl’s team we had including volleyball, basketball, and hand ball. I was aggressive and unafraid to be knocked down. That was a couple (okay, six) years back and I haven’t done much physically since. But I knew that somewhere that athletic person was still inside me. In search of a hobby in the fall, I decided to try out a gym...
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Metro News (November 2009)

Fitness Fusion in Forest Hill
Fusion is a word we often hear in reference to food, music, clothing and a plethora of other things. One thing we often don’t associate with fusion, however, is fitness — but that may change...
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