Personal Training


Work one-on-one with one of Track Fitness' dedicated professionals to reach your personal goals and achieve results.


SINGLE $90 *
5 PACK $425 ($85/SESSION) *
10 PACK $800 ($80/SESSION) *
20 PACK $1500 ($75/SESSION) *

larry's studio


Enjoy the privacy of your own training studio designed by Larry Track for the ultimate track workout.


10 SESSIONS $1500


This is a 50-minute class, which is both challenging and fun! Climbing is low impact, lowering risk of injury and stress on your bones and joints.  Get ready for intervals, endurance, core and strength.  The circuit transitions from climber to floor work 2-3 times during class will give you that perfect balance of a total body workout!

The VersaCLimber has been proven to be more effective at burning calories compared to ellipticals, steppers, bikes and treadmills.  VersaClimbing combines lower and upper body exercise into one natural vertical climbing motion

Come climb with us and take your fitness to the MAX in CLIMBMAX


*See class descriptions for details

Climb & Core

Climb & Lift


60 minutes of circuit training in the Personal Training Studio is bound to get you RIPPED into shape! Using equipment such as The Force, Ropes, Kettle Bells and much more. There are no corners to cut - just hard work, sweat and fun! 


Circuit 60™

This full body workout uses a combination of treadmill and weight training intervals; 30 minutes of cardio and 30 minutes of resistance training split into 3-4 intervals.

Maximize your workout at a pace that best works for you on our WOODWAY treadmills. Using a variety of equipment, Circuit 60 will keep your muscles guessing, so you can reach your fitness goals - Dynamax medicine balls, kettles, battle ropes, climbing ropes, Hampton dumbells etc. Never the same class twice!


Bootcamp is a short, intensive and rigorous course of training.

Enter a studio like no other of it’s kind! 8 stations that include the Skillmill, Waterrower, Versaclimber and Assault Bike!

This class is 60 minutes and along with the unique no motorized cardio equipment you will be challenged using sandbags, weights, medicine balls, battle ropes and more!  No Motors included so start your engines and get ready to burn some fuel!


Prepare to SHOC your body and get the results you want. This class combines all elements of fitness in 50 minutes.



This class is 50 minutes combining cardio, strength and core. Get ready to hit the bag and floor with non stop drills. Gloves are provided. Wraps are optional and additional one time cost. Sweat is included! 


Jacked Pilates focuses on working smaller muscles in your entire body to create long lasting, toned muscles. Wasting not a minute of time this flowing class will be sure to work those trouble spots and leave you feeling stronger, longer and leaner than ever.


If you are running late.  We ask that you call the studio to let us know you are on the way. The front desk will hold a reservation for up to 5 minutes after class begins though we cannot guarantee you will be given the same station you signed up for.